Being an effective trustee

Being an effective trustee

Being a trustee of a local charity is a rewarding and challenging way to use your skills and experience to benefit others. To help you in the role, we have put together some resources.

(This list was prepared to support the “Becoming an Effective Trustee” webinar held on 14 October 2021 for new trustees. However, it is also suitable for any trustee who is looking for help to become more effective.)

Becoming an Effective Trustee – webinar follow-up

Please use the yellow button below to access the slides from the webinar.

Trustees’ Week 6- 10 November 2023

Trustees’ Week is an annual event to showcase the work of trustees. This is also a good time to access training and resources for trustees.

Good governance – the legal bits

Where to keep up to date on your legal responsibilities as a trustee:

Horizon scanning

The following are just a few examples of where you can find information on issues that could affect your charity:

Strategic Planning and the Bottom Line

The following organisations offer training in strategic planning, finance, and impact measurement:

  • NPC – a think tank and consultancy for the social sector offering blogs, events, training. Speciality area: Theory of Change.
  • NCVO training – includes Financial Training for Trustees; Strategic Planning; Outcomes and Impact measurement and Theory of Change.
  • Skylark – a local charity support network, specialising in strategic planning and board support.


Resources that help model the behaviour and culture of effective trustees:

  • The Charity Governance Code – this covers governance issues, but the sections on Leadership and Integrity are very relevant when considering leadership behaviours. (Note there is recommended practice for smaller charities as well as large charities).
  • Association of Chairs – events and resources for chairs, vice-chairs and prospective chairs. A particular emphasis on managing relationships within a charity board.

And finally…

Check out the Trustee and Governance training for a selection of low-cost or free training courses relevant to trustees.