It’s been fantastic

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“I began volunteering at the YMCA in Redhill in January 2015, working as a receptionist two mornings a week. Prior to this I had worked as a physiotherapist in the NHS for 15 years until I became ill in 2012, which resulted in being unable to work. The volunteer post was a way of getting back into the habit of working.

The YMCA are used to having volunteers, so have been incredibly supportive and encouraging in their approach. I’ve felt included and been made to feel like one of the team.

As my health has gradually improved I’ve been able to look around for work as a physiotherapist again, and through contacts I made at the YMCA I was put in touch with a private clinic in Crawley who were looking to fill a vacancy. I applied, and found out last week that I was accepted! I start working there next week.

The volunteering that I have done has made all the difference to me. I can honestly say that without it I wouldn’t be returning to work. It’s been fantastic.”

Aspire Volunteer

September 2015