Voluntary Sector Leadership – Free Training from the Open University

In Resource Links by Nina Porter

The Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership  is offering access to free leadership courses to help leaders and aspiring leaders to adapt to the multiple challenges they face.

Introducing leadership in voluntary organisations, will involve approximately 15 hours of learning and will provide an opportunity for people who work within voluntary organisations, as paid employees or staff, to develop energetic, practical and thoughtful leadership practice. The course explores this rich concept from a number of different perspectives but emphasises that any group of willing people is capable of energetic, collaborative leadership. Learners will gain insights and practices to facilitate stepping into leadership. Core to the course will be developing a vibrant community of leadership within the voluntary sector, one that connects the academic, voluntary and political worlds, bringing together people committed to fresh thinking.

The second course: Collaborative leadership in voluntary organisations helps learners to reflect on and develop collaborative leadership practices that will make a difference. Collaborative leadership has achieved prominence in recent times as a way of moving beyond the figure of the leader to ways of leading that engage and energise a wider group of people. The course is aimed at people who work within voluntary organisations as paid staff or as volunteers, or for people who work regularly with voluntary organisations, such as public sector staff or politicians. This course involves around 24 hours of learning.

There are also a number of badged open courses funded by the Open University:  Introducing the Voluntary Sector and Working in the Voluntary Sector.

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