A Valuable Learning Experience

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It was suggested by my work coach at Jobcentre Plus, during the summer of 2017, that I might find it beneficial to do something of a purposeful nature. After an interview at VARB; they suggested I volunteer with KSS CRC (Kent, Surrey & Sussex Community Rehabilitation Company) who deliver a range of rehabilitation services to people who have been sentenced by a court to either custody or community supervision.  To cut a long story short,  it has not always been easy with some of the service users I support,  as cooperation is needed between mentor and mentee. However, I have found it interesting  doing research and finding suitable opportunities in which mentee’s could participate in activities such as using the Mary Frances Trust or taking part in one of the courses offered by the Recovery College. However, whatever is placed in front of mentees is no more than suggestions and it is their right to refuse. Sometimes I might take a step forward or two back, but it has been a valuable learning experience for me and, despite some disappointments, I have no regrets.


Aspire Volunteer

December 2018