I Am Regaining My Self Confidence Again.

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I have been volunteering with VARB since October 2016.   This followed a very difficult period for me after the death of my elderly and infirm father who I had cared for for full time at home for four years.  These caring responsibilities also immediately followed the death of my mother.

All the team immediately made me feel very welcome and have always been very supportive, encouraging and very friendly.

I am a Volunteer Administrator.  The work I have been doing has been varied and interesting.   I have mostly been updating the database.   I have learnt new skills as I had not used databases before and this should be very useful to me for the future too.  I have a lot of experience in secretarial/admin and am pleased to be able to use my IT and admin skills in my work.

I volunteered for a variety of reasons.  To share and develop my existing skills; to gain new skills and experience; to have the chance to meet new people – caring for a somebody full time at home can lead to social isolation; to regain my self confidence as I have been out of the job market since 2011 when I started caring for my father – I had prior to that been working full time In both the publishing and legal fields for 20 years.

I have also, for the past two years, helped at their Festive Feast Community Christmas Day lunch for the lonely who would otherwise be spending Christmas Day on their own or for people who enjoy celebrating with others.  This is a very enjoyable and rewarding occasion working as part of a large team of volunteers all coming together to help others.

I very much feel valued and part of the team.  My general well-being is much improved and I am regaining my self confidence again.


December 2018