Recommendations to Heal the Generational Divide

In News by Nina Porter

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Social Integration has published its interim report examining what can be done to bridge the gap between older and younger people. Healing the Generational Divide looks highlights that political outlooks, geographical and social separation caused a gulf between age groups, and looks at ways in which community initiatives, public services, housing and planning, and technology can help foster stronger connections. Key recommendations include:

  • The introduction of a 1p surcharge on the use of self-service checkouts, which could generate £30m+ each year to fund integrational and community projects;
  • Initiatives to encourage nurseries, schools and care homes to nurture connections between the different generations who use their services and, where possible, to co-locate services on one site;
  • Development of a new national volunteering scheme to encourage older people to volunteer in their communities when they retire;
  • The introduction of tax breaks for people who commit to a set number of hours per month volunteering;
  • Introduction of initiatives by transport authorities such as TfL and TfGM to encourage inter-generational connections and promote conversation between different generations – Examples of possible initiatives include ‘Take Your Headphones Off Day’.

The APPG’s report is available to read or download here: