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Adult Social Care’s “strengths- based approach” to supporting residents

In News by Nina Porter

Simon White, Executive Director of Adult Social Care at Surrey County Council is writing to all key partners to explain the service’s commitment to strengths-based practice and what this means for people with social care needs.

He says: “Our vision is to promote people’s independence and wellbeing.  Strengths-based practice is a key part of this and involves focusing on what people can do rather than what they can’t do; working with people as experts in their own lives; and listening carefully to ‘what matters’ to them rather than ‘what’s the matter’ with them.  It enables us to be creative and to build upon people’s own strengths and those in their family, friends and local community.

“Working in this way is helping us deliver a modern adult social care service in Surrey with:

  • More effort to signpost and connect people to their community, family support and self-help – most people don’t need our help.
  • More support to ensure people get their full entitlement to universal services.
  • More short term help focused on maximising people’s ability to live independently.
  • Fewer assessments for long term care and only when someone is at their best and in a familiar environment.
  • Fewer longer term interventions, but always actively promoting independence and sometimes reducing over time.
  • More reviews, undertaken in a strengths-based way, working with providers and looking for opportunities to build independence.”

Please watch his short message where he explains Adult Social Care’s approach. A new video on the SCC website also explains the approach directly to residents on what they can expect when they contact the service for information or support.