Do You Enjoy Driving & Want To Help Your Community?

In Home Page by Lisa Irwin

If you have ever considered being a volunteer driver, we at VARB have a varied selection or volunteer opportunities you could get involved with.

Volunteer with the Elderly

Drivers are welcomed by charities such as Abbeyfield – ReigateAge Concern BansteadAge Concern Merstham, Redhill & ReigateEast Surrey Live at Home SchemeRedhill Good Neighbours, Re-Engage – Banstead and Reigate (Formerly known as Contact the Elderly)

Volunteer to Pick up Goods 

Furnistore needs Van Drivers to pick up household goods and furniture.

Volunteer with People with Disabilities

Drivers are welcomed by charities such as Include.orgRoyal Mencap SocietySight For SurreyThe Children’s TrustThe Orpheus Centre, YMCA East Surrey

Costs and training for volunteers

If you are using your own vehicle most charities will reimburse volunteer drivers at the standard mileage rate of 45p per mile and provide any additional training that might be required.

However, it is important to clarify this at the initial informal chat/interview.  Some organisations might also want to carry out additional checks such as eyesight tests.

Check your car insurance

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) offers guidance about volunteer driving and your car insurance.

The majority of motor insurers have signed up to the ABI’s commitment on volunteer driving (click here to check if your insurance has signed up), meaning they will cover people doing volunteer driving in their own vehicle at no extra charge.  However, you should still contact your insurer and inform them and also include the mileage you do as a volunteer when giving your annual mileage.

One clause in most car insurance documents requires you to state if you are ‘driving for hire or reward’. However, if the charity is just reimbursing you the standard HMRC rate of 45p a mile then that wouldn’t be an issue.

Other legitimate expenses such as lunch are also fine.

Getting behind the wheel for a good cause can be a rewarding way to spend your free time, and whatever your interests, there will be a charity that will welcome you.