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Community Foundation for Surrey offering flexibility in response to Covid 19

In News, Funding News by Nina Porter

Local funder, Community Foundation for Surrey, has issued this helpful message to the many voluntary organisations that it supports through grant funding:

“We want to reassure organisations funded by the Community Foundation for Surrey that we are keen to support you through this uncertain time and to be flexible in the face of the challenges we will all face.

We understand that it might be difficult for you to meet the outcomes of your grant when staff and volunteers may not be available, events and activities may need to be postponed or cancelled or services provided in different ways.

Where you need to make changes to how you deliver your work, we want to be supportive and not delay your decision-making. You don’t need to take the time to tell us about changes or delays where these remain within the overall spirit/aims of our grant – unless a chat would be helpful.”

If you are concerned about the impact of Covid 19 on your organisation’s ability to deliver grant funded projects, please contact the funder to discuss the issues and agree a way forward.  Given the unique circumstances we believe most will take a supportive attitude, like the Community Foundation for Surrey.