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Recruitment paused for COVID 19 Community Support Volunteers

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Thank you to the community of Reigate & Banstead for your fantastic response to covid-19.

Over 880 volunteers have registered to provide help via our website and we know many hundreds more volunteers have been active within their neighbourhoods.

Because of the many generous offers of support, VARB has decided to pause the recruitment of new volunteers.  Over the next few weeks we will be focussing on matching registered volunteers with volunteer requests and identifying more opportunities where people can provide support at a neighbourhood level.

If you have already registered to volunteer, thank you – we will keep you updated on requests for help through our weekly volunteer email and hope to be in touch with you as matching requests arise.

If you want to help out, but have not registered to volunteer, then please think about ways you could support your neighbours or friends and family.  This could be through a friendly phone call, an offer to pick up shopping or an invitation to share a meal (dropping off their portions!).  Being a good neighbour is a great way to “volunteer” both now and in the future.