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Surrey County Council Covid-19 Hardship Fund – Voluntary, Community & Faith Sector

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Surrey County Council (SCC) has established a hardship fund to assist local voluntary, community & faith sector (VCFS) organisations that have suffered financial and other losses as a result of COVID-19, to recover and become sustainable.  Please find below the guidance issued by SCC to all applicants:

SCC’s overarching COVID-19 priorities will guide the use of this fund, ensuring that we:

  •  delay the spread of the virus in Surrey and save lives
  •  protect our most vulnerable residents and communities
  •  support colleagues in health to ensure that we reduce pressure on the health system

Criteria for applications for financial support from VCFS organisations
Surrey County Council’s COVID-19 Hardship Fund will prioritise applications and organisations that meet the following criteria:

  1. Small and medium sized organisation with an annual income of less than £1million during the financial year 2018-2019
  2.  Are not in receipt of any outstanding, adverse judgements from relevant regulatory bodies e.g. Charities Commission, CQC
  3. Operate within and provide services to meet needs in the county of Surrey
  4. Provision of services to support vulnerable residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, and/or later in the recovery phase
  5. Have provided SCC commissioned and/or funded services between 2015-2020, including organisations funded via grant, contracts and/or one-off commissioning
  6. Provision of broader, strategic services to Surrey residents that SCC considers vital to maintain
  7. Have evidenced and substantiated the additional financial pressures caused to the organisation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic
  8.  Will remain viable and able to assist Surrey during the post COVID-19 recovery phase, taking account of financial pressures already incurred and those that are forecast
  9. Where funding will support the long term, future sustainability of the organisation.In addition, applications must also demonstrate that:
  10. Funding is actively being sought from alternative, relevant sources e.g. central government and Community Foundation for Surrey. SCC hardship funding will particularly favour residual pressures that cannot be met from other available means.
  11. Organisations can remain viable between the receipt of staged payments from the SCC COVID-19 Hardship Fund which may be paid in several tranches.

A copy of the application form is available to download here Download