Charities cutting back on services

Charities cutting back on services

The Charity Finance Group has issued a depressing but all too familiar report which states that 58% of charities are to cut back services costing the sector 60,000 jobs.

The survey of 455 charities found that 19% have already made redundancies, and that 23% plan to make further cutbacks once the government’s furlough scheme comes to an end. That number jumps to 44% among the UK’s largest charities. Remarkably, nearly one-in-ten (8%) large charities anticipate reducing their headcount by 25-50%.

Read the full details here.

If you are a local charity delivering services in Reigate & Banstead and you are facing cut backs or potential closure, please get in touch with either VARB or the Community Partnerships Team at Reigate & Banstead to see what support could be available.