Digital Safeguarding Guide

Digital Safeguarding Guide

Since April 2020 charities across the UK have been rushing to migrate their face-to-face services online. They’ve applied their safeguarding knowledge to a new context with enthusiasm and commitment. But best practice guidance has been dispersed and sometimes hard to find. Until now.

Launched in late June 2020, DigiSafe is a step-by-step digital safeguarding guide. It has been written because, since April 2020, thousands of charities have been migrating their face-to-face services online. This explosion of new digital services demands

  • New digital safeguarding guidance;
  • Guidance on how to design services with safety, privacy and consent in mind. And
  • Guidance on how to recognise safeguarding and privacy issues when delivering any service online.

If you’re moving your services online, DigiSafe will help you learn the principles of digital safeguarding and think about how to apply them in specific service scenarios e.g. video, online groups etc

If you’ve already taken your services online, DigiSafe will help you track risks and review your progress.

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Digisafe is an initiative by Catalyst, a partnership of organisations working to promote the positive use of technology by charities. For more details of their activities and to sign up to their weekly newsletter – see here