Free First Aid Awareness Sessions with St John Ambulance

Free First Aid Awareness Sessions with St John Ambulance

St John Ambulance are offering free first aid awareness sessions that can support communities to be more resilient by teaching people lifesaving skills and knowledge to help their families and people around them.

They’re volunteer Community Advocates will help you become more aware of the importance of first aid, prepare you for emergency situations, and give you the confidence to help others.
They currently offer three different sessions:

  • Emergency First Aid Awareness
  • Everyday First Aid Awareness
  • Adult and Child First Aid Awareness

Please be aware their free first aid awareness sessions do not provide you with an official first aid training certificate. If you require a certified first aid course, please take a look at their training courses.

First Aid Awareness sessions are inclusive for all. Sessions are informal, with no assessment, prior learning, or practical elements. They have held sessions in community centres, youth group buildings and faith meeting places previously and empowered lots of different sectors of society. 

Please note, they suggest a minimum of 8 participants to run a face-to-face session. They do run public virtual sessions for individuals or smaller groups to attend on the last Tuesday and Thursday of each month.

First Aid Awareness sessions are delivered in communities nationwide, dependent on volunteer recruitment and/or availability. Sessions are delivered face-to-face but can ALSO be delivered virtually via Microsoft Teams.

You will need to organise your own venue for a session. 

Please note they may need four weeks from the date of your request to arrange a session.  

Click here for more information and to complete their enquiry form.