Free Office Furniture

Free Office Furniture

Due to the refurbishment of an office in Horley, there is a range of free office furniture available for voluntary organisations.

  • Straight desks 800 x 1600 (no. 31)
  • Corner desks 1200 x 1600 x 800 (no. 90)
  • Corner desks 1200 x 1500 x 800 (no. 6)
  • Pedestals (no. 100+)
  • Filing cabinets (no. 30)
  • Other storage cupboards (tall and short) (no. 35)
  • Desk chairs (no. 100+)

The office is looking to give this away to local organisations that can take multiple items by mid July 2021.

The office is located in Massetts Road, Horley. All furniture will need to be collected from the first or second floor. There is a lift, however, multiple people and large transport would be needed to remove items. Due to distancing measures, this will need to be carefully arranged to fit in with current guidelines.

If you are interested please contact Sarah Weeks at NHS England 07730 380 762