Get better at digital service design

Get better at digital service design

Digital delivery. Digital services. Online services. Getting services online. Every charity is doing it. We’ve no choice. This isn’t a fad. The need for digital services was growing before the pandemic and it’ll continue growing afterwards too.

At VARB’s AGM in 2019, we invited Ellie Hale, from CAST (Centre for the Acceleration of Social Technology) to talk about the importance of integrating digital solutions into service design. The VARB team are not digital experts, but like most small charities we recognised the potential opportunity to improve our services by using tech more effectively. We had moved to the cloud with Office 365 and integrated our volunteer database with our website. We were on the cusp of discovering the joys of Mailchimp, Canva and Hootsuite. And then Covid-19 came along……….

It is now more important than ever that your charity learns more about digital service design. CAST have responded to Covid-19 by moving their own support online – through “Design Hops”.

What is a Design Hop?

Hops teach you service design skills. Rapidly.

They aren’t a training course. They are an experiential learning programme that doubles-up as early-stage project support too. 

They are one of the best ways to get started with getting a new or existing service online. They are also good if you:

  • Have a service problem you want to solve, or
  • Don’t know where to start with digital, or
  • Want a design process to follow, or
  • Want to gain confidence to get your team on board with digital.

For two months CAST has been piloting and testing Online Hops. Now they are scaling up and making it so anyone can use them – Free!. Sign up here.