Doing Good Does you Good

Get Involved and Make a Difference

As well as volunteering, there are lots of other ways to support people in your local community.

Join the NHS Covid-19 vaccine registry today.
Help Surrey Police to improve their recruitment and raise awareness of opportunities
Adopt a grand-parent - a good way to offer mutual support through Covid-19 and beyond.
Sharing your experiences can help services know how to improve both now and in the future
Keeping footpaths clear is important at all times. It is especially important at a time of social distancing.
If you shop on Amazon, you can easily raise funds at no additional cost by using Amazon Smile
Help to mark the 150th anniversary of YMCA East Surrey by taking on your own challenge
Pen pals needed to write to older vulnerable people who are feeling lonely.
A great way to support The Children's Trust in Tadworth - by holding your own gaming tournament.
Take on Stripey's virtual challenge 2020... any challenge, any distance, anywhere, any time!
Daily use of the Covid Symptom Tracker app will help fight the coronavirus.
Walk, jog, run or climb as part of a fundraising challenge to support the terminally ill.
How to help the bin crews keep operating safely during Covid-19 pandemic.
Support homeless people with food and necessities