Give a gift for children

Give a gift for children

Local charity, Stripey Stork, has launched its annual Christmas giving appeal and they need the support of the local community if they are to ensure that every local child referred to them has a gift to open on Christmas Day.

In a recent survey of their referral partners, 50% of respondents said they are expecting to be making more gift requests to this year’s campaign because of the pandemic. As a result, they are scaling up to respond to an estimated 2,500 child and 1,250 parents/carers gift requests.

If you feel you are in a position to support their campaign, either as an individual or as a company, then they’d love to hear from you. Perhaps you’d like to plan a fundraiser, give a donation instead of posting Christmas cards, organise a Secret Santa, or pledge to buy a gift for a child in need?

For more information on how you can help see or contact