IT support during Covid-19

IT support during Covid-19

Surrey Libraries have been working with Surrey Coalition of Disabled People on a project called Tech to Community Connect. The project provides technology, technical support and virtual support groups for people with care and support needs across Surrey using ‘Tech Angels’.

Clients should be over 18 who are struggling to attend activities, groups or meetings in person because they have a health condition, are disabled or have a caring responsibility or another significant barrier that stops them being able to get out and about.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions this is currently operating as a text and telephone service only. Clients are referred to the scheme by statutory and partner agencies and their contact details are then passed to library staff who link them with a DBS-checked volunteer (the Tech Angel) to help them with their IT issue. If a client does not have their own equipment, then they are provided with a phablet for six months.

Please see the service web page or contact Pete Dommett on 07471 518998 for more information.

Additionally, Surrey Libraries have set up a support line for its own library users. If you need support using computers and tablets and smartphones.
• Phone: Surrey County Council’s Community helpline, 0300 200 1008
• email: and ask for a member of library staff to
contact you.

Examples of queries they are able to support with:
• I want to buy groceries online but need help to know what to do.
• How do I save a photo or add somebody to my contact list or forward an
• How do I order my prescription online?
• I’d like to download library books, magazines and audiobooks.
• My computer keeps telling me it’s not protected. What do I do?
• I want to keep in touch with my relatives online, and they’re using WhatsApp, or Skype, or Facetime, or Zoom.

The service is free, confidential and safe and if a user is a complete beginner then library staff will help them to develop their digital skills.