Level Up FAQs

Level Up FAQs
My laptop is very old. Do you still want it?

We are accepting all laptops in working order that are running Windows 8 or 10. This usually means they are less than 8 years old. We are no longer accepting laptops running Windows 7, XP or Windows Vista as these are proving too slow to cope with online learning requirements.
Please complete the donation form, giving the make and model number if possible. (NB. the make and model number is often found on the underside of the laptop).

I have personal data on the laptop. How do I know this will not be accessible?

We take data security very seriously. We will remove the hard drive from the majority of donated laptops and replace it with a new SSD. The old hard drives will be physically destroyed by incineration.
If the laptop is relatively new with an SSD, we may securely wipe the SSD using “Parted Magic” taking the device back to factory settings; before reinstalling Windows 10.
If you are still concerned about data security, you have the option to remove the hard drive from your laptop, before donating it. (Please replace the bracket and screws.)

I have lost the power cable for my laptop. Do you still want it?

Yes – we can purchase new power cables.
(Please have a good look for it first though – to save us the cost!)

How do I get my laptop to you?

We can collect your laptop from your home or business at an agreed date and time. Please register via the online form and we will contact you to arrange a collection date.
We also have a drop-off point at the reception at Horley Library, during library opening hours.

I don’t live in the borough of Reigate & Banstead. Will you still collect my laptop?

We are currently collecting laptops from neighbouring boroughs and across Surrey (up to around a 20-mile radius from Redhill).
We may assess the number of devices being offered and their age when determining whether to make a collection journey. If you live further away, it is likely that it will take longer before we are able to collect your device. (Some people have sent messages around their neighbours to increase the number of laptops available and make the collection more viable.)

Who will receive my laptop?

The laptop will be gifted to a child or young person attending school or college in Reigate & Banstead. All devices are being distributed via schools and colleges in the borough – they are best placed to decide which children are in greatest need of the laptops. A few laptops are also being distributed via local charities that are working with families in need. The Level Up project does not have any direct contact with children or young people.

Do you make a charge to schools?

No charge is made to schools.
The Level Up project is currently funded by Raven Housing Trust and donations from Pfizer, The Peter Harrison Foundation and the Community Infrastructure Levy (via Reigate & Banstead Borough Council). This funding covers the cost of new parts and miscellaneous expenses such as transport and DBS checks. We have also received some donations from members of the public. The refurbishment work is undertaken by technical volunteers. This enables us to provide the devices free of charge to schools, for them to pass on to their pupils.

I would like my laptop to go to a particular school in the Borough. Is this possible?

Yes. Please let us know when you donate the laptop if you want it to go to a particular school. (If your chosen school no longer has any outstanding requirements for laptops for its pupils, then the laptop will be allocated to the closest school.)

My child needs a laptop. How can I request one?

All the laptops are distributed via schools (or family support charities). Please request a laptop through your school. If your school is not yet part of Level Up, then please ask them to get in touch levelup@ravenht.org.uk