Micro Volunteering

Micro Volunteering

What is Micro volunteering?

  • Micro-volunteering is a flexible way to give your time.
  • No ongoing commitment is required.
  • It usually involves short and specific actions that are quick to start and complete.

Is it all online?

No! Many micro-volunteer opportunities are online. However, there is also a wide range of opportunities that are offline.

I’m interested – tell me more!

Below is a selection of micro-volunteering opportunities. Click on the title and make a “Quick Enquiry” to receive the full details:

Be My Eyes

Install a free mobile app that will connect you to blind and low-vision individuals through a live video call. As a sighted volunteer you will offer one-off help with anything from checking expiry dates, reading instructions or navigating new surroundings.

Give Nature a Home

Help the RSPB improve biodiversity, through a range of short, practical tasks. Take your pick from: growing trees; making a house for frogs or swifts; create a leaf mold cage or dig a damp ditch! Free guides are available. Add your pledges and share photographs of your homes for nature.

Hedgehog Homes

The British Hedgehog Preservation Society has several ways you can help hedgehogs, including building a Hedgehog Home – ready for winter hibernation.

Instant Wild

The Zoological Society of London runs the Instant Wild project, bringing people power to vital animal identification work. Motion-triggered cameras capture images from conservation sites all around the world for you to identify. The people behind the projects can then download the results and use them for their work. No prior knowledge is required.

Loving Hands

Love knitting but run out of grandchildren or gold medals? Loving Hands is a collective of crafters that produce knitted items in response to requests from charities across the world. They need blankets, worry dolls, bootees and more.

Post Pals

Write a letter or card to a sick child or their sibling to help cheer up their day. Through the Post Pal site, you can select a child and read their page to find out more about their interests. Letters and any small gifts are sent via the Post Pals address.