New year, new opportunities to get involved

New year, new opportunities to get involved

Many of us start a new year thinking about changes we would like to make. If you are looking at ways to improve your well-being, then you might consider volunteering.

Healthy Surrey’s Wheel of Well-being has six easy steps which can help improve your physical and mental health. Connecting with others and giving are two of the six steps and volunteering can be a great way to meet these.

Many volunteers also have the opportunity to learn new skills as well as put existing ones to good use – meeting another of the Wheel of Well-being steps, Keep Learning.

82% of our volunteers say volunteering has improved their well-being. Research shows that people experience a physiological response to doing good. Being part of a team, meeting other people – sometimes people who may be quite different to your social circle – seeing a friendly face and having a chat also contribute to that increase in well-being.

Lois Shrimpton, a busy mother and grandmother, started volunteering when she retired, saying she “wanted to give back”.  She now volunteers for local baby bank charity Stripey Stork and at the drop-in run by Renewed Hope in Redhill, where homeless and vulnerable people come for a free meal and friendly company. She mostly helps in the kitchen, but also takes time to talk to the guests who, she says, “like to have a bit of banter.”  Lois says, “I do get pleasure from helping other people. And I have made friends through my time at Stripey Stork.”  

At VARB, we always have a wide range of volunteering opportunities to choose from. The key is to pick something you like.  You can search for volunteer roles here or register for our newsletter to get the latest round up of volunteer and training opportunities.