Collecting food for food banks

Collecting food for food banks

  • Suitable for: Individuals/groups with storage
  • Where: In your neighbourhood
  • Time: Ongoing
  • Who benefits: People in food crisis

We are asking people to get together in their roads or community groups and setup a donation point for local food banks.  Please encourage neighbours and local friends to leave donations of food or other welfare items.  All the goods donated will be collected by volunteers and taken to the Harlequin Theatre in Redhill where they will be distributed out to vulnerable people via local food banks and the Harlequin directly.

Items we are looking for are varied and include
Tinned – veg, meat or fish, pasta, soup, rice, baked beans, pasta sauce, breakfast cereal, UHT Milk, jam, tea, coffee, long life fruit juice, tooth paste, shower gel, biscuits, dried ready meals, etc

If you would like to setup a donation point where you live, there are three simple steps.
1. Find a box, preferably with a lid and place it somewhere where it is easy for people to find and where it’s safe.
2. Email: to let the council know where you donation box is so we can arrange to collect the contents when its full (you can use same email to let us know when you have donations to collect.
3. Tell your local friends and neighbours you have setup a donation box and encourage them to make donations.

Donations collected will be shared with local food banks including St Matthews Redhill, LoveWorks (Reigate & Merstham), Horley Foodbank, Welcare (Redhill) and Banstead & Tadworth as well as supporting the Community Welfare packs delivered from the Harlequin.