Free PPE available for voluntary organisations

Free PPE available for voluntary organisations

PPE is available for all voluntary groups and organisations offering direct support to members of the community during Covid-19. Surrey County Council are sourcing the PPE and distributing it via the local Voluntary Actions (VARB for the Reigate & Banstead area).

If you are a voluntary or community organisation, you can request up to 3 months supply of PPE, to include:

  • disposable face masks (boxes of 50)
  • disposable gloves (boxes of 100 – small, medium or large)
  • hand sanitiser (500ml bottles)

If you are a voluntary group or organisation operating in Reigate & Banstead and you need PPE, please get in touch with VARB via to let us know what you need.

The next order for 3 months supply will be placed 28 May 2021 – so please let us know your requirements before then.

(If you have a substantial need for PPE that is required before June, please get in touch and we will try to arrange an individual delivery.)