Sally’s Volunteer Case Study: 2021

Sally’s Volunteer Case Study: 2021

Having worked all my life in a “full on” career, I never had time or even considered that I would be able to or love doing the volunteer role as much as I do.  It is funny how life works out & and because I am not currently working and knowing the amount of help needed during this pandemic, I set out offering up my time.  

I have been volunteering at the vaccine centre in Reigate, the testing centre in Redhill & am a “befriender” for several people. I can honestly say that I love all 3 of the roles, they all vary, and I have met an enormous number of amazing people, both the volunteers themselves, but also those who visit the vaccine & test centres. Even marshalling out in the cold has been fine if you are layered up and wearing several pairs of socks! 

It was a special moment early this year at the Cannon site helping people to get their 1st vaccine and easy to forget that many of the people I met had been isolating for almost a year so were incredibly excited to be out and talking to us!  That was so lovely. 

It is fantastic working with other volunteers, and you become a “team” for that shift you are on. Everyone I meet has a story and I have loved talking & hearing about other people’s lives and how they have come to be exactly where I am. It has also helped me focus on what I want to do in my hunt for a new job & really shown me how amazing people can be if you just take the time to listen. 

The Volunteer training, zoom workshops the trainers and support has been amazing, I would definitely recommend becoming a Volunteer if you can offer a few hours of your time. 

If you would like to find out more please email or take a look though our current volunteer opportunities here.

Everything all sanitised cleaned & me ready to receive people post vaccination to sit for 15 minutes recovery, (& a chat!) 😊