Small grants for Surrey organisations

Small grants for Surrey organisations

In 2020/21, each Surrey County Councillor has £5,000 funding. This funding is known as Members’ Community Allocation. Councillors can distribute it to voluntary organisations to deliver activities that benefit local people.

Members’ Community Allocation (MCA) funding can be used for small, one-off activities, or it can contribute to larger projects. Applications require the support of one or more Surrey County Councillors. If your county councillor is happy to support your project, they will send you instructions on how to complete the online application.


The window for funding applications opened on 4 June 2021 and will run until 31 January 2022.

Funding Criteria

Your project must demonstrate how it helps Surrey County Council to meet one or more of their eight focus areas:

  • Tackling inequality: Working with Surrey’s residents to identify and address causes of inequality.
  • Supporting independence: Helping residents help themselves and each other.
  • More joined up health and social care: Helping integrate health and council services.
  • Creating a greener future: Tackling the causes of climate change to help Surrey become carbon-neutral
  • Embracing Surrey’s diversity: Ensuring Surrey is a place full of opportunity for everyone.
  • Partnership: Working with residents, businesses, partners, and communities to collectively meet challenges and grasp opportunities.
  • Supporting the local economy: Investing in the infrastructure that Surrey needs to build a strong and resilient economy.
  • Digital revolution: Making the most of new technology to innovate and improve local services.

Find out More – Meet the Funder Event 15 July

The Community partnerships Team from Surrey County Council will be giving a zoom presentation about the Members Community Allocation on 15 July at 10am. There is also the opportunity to book an individual appointment to discuss potential applications.

Further Details

See the link below for details of member allocations on the Surrey County Council website: