Storytelling for Small Charities

Storytelling for Small Charities


Storytelling helps bring your work and case studies to life by adding personality behind the issue and statistics. Join us with Craig from Neck of the Woods, as he explores the reasons behind telling stories, so that you can enhance your stories in the future and connect with beneficiaries and donors in a meaningful way. This session will:

  • Explore storytelling as a general principle, the history and science behind it
  • Look at a formula for determining what stories to tell, and advice on using storytelling to share lived experiences.
  • Provide practical advice on how to share a story effectively including the key components of a good story
  • Provide advice on producing stories through lived experiences
  • Examine how stories can be used to reach broader and larger audiences.

When & Where

Tue, 18 January 2022 14:00 -15:30

Online – webinars




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The Small Charities Coalition provide small not-for-profit organisations with the relevant information, advice and support to help them deliver what they want and to also make sure their voices are heard.