The Wakeham Trust

The Wakeham Trust

The Wakeham Trust provides grants to help people rebuild their communities. They are particularly interested in neighbourhood projects, community arts projects, projects involving community service by young people, or projects set up by those who are socially excluded.

The Trust also supports innovative projects to promote excellence in teaching (at any level, from primary schools to universities), though it never support individuals.  They aim to refresh the parts that other funding sources can’t reach, especially new ideas and unpopular causes. Because they do not appeal to the public for funds, they can take risks.

They favour small projects – often, but not always, start-ups and they try to break the vicious circle whereby you have to be established to get funding from major charities, but you have to get funding to get established.

The Trust does not favour any particular areas of activity.  The best way to understand the kinds of projects they support is to look at their website as detailed below.

Application Form: Apply in writing by email

Deadline: Applications can be submitted at any time.

Contact: The Wakeham Trust, The Garden Office, Wakeham Farm, Rogate, Petersfield, Hants, GU31 5EJ