Top Tips on Funding Applications

Top Tips on Funding Applications

The Community Foundation for Surrey is one of the most significant local funders for voluntary organisations in Surrey. They administer over 80 grant funds, supporting a wide range of projects. There is a two-stage application process that reduces the risk of investing significant time in unsuccessful applications.

Top Tips

In their May newsletter they have published a list of top tips to potential applicants:

#1 Our Donors love helping local projects that serve disadvantaged people from Surrey. We are unable to support enquiries that lack local focus, including those based in Kingston, Croydon and other London Boroughs. Please focus your proposal on helping people in Surrey.

#2 Scouting, Guides and sporting groups often do a great job supporting people from all walks of life however their grant applications can be unsuccessful if they have not stated specifically how they significantly serve and respond to the needs of disadvantaged people above and beyond normal scouting, guiding or sporting activities.

#3 We need to have strict eligibility criteria for our grants. Prior to applying please check our eligibility criteria here: We are more than happy to answer any queries that you might have. If you are unsure if your group is eligible please get in touch.

#4. Successful applicants tell us clearly what the need for the project is, how people are disadvantaged and how the money would be used – with little jargon and padding. Ask someone from outside of your group who isn’t as familiar with how you operate to read the application to see if it clearly tells your story.

#5 Our average grant size is £6,000 – £7,000, and we may be able to secure in excess of £10,000 on occasion. Please note grants in excess of £15,000 from our Donor Funds are possible, but unusual.

Funding Surgeries – Speak with a member of the team

Community Foundation for Surrey have released dates for the next funding surgeries.  These are ideal for first time applicants or if you are unsure about how best to present your project idea.

Funding Surgeries are 30 minutes time slots in which you speak to one of the Grants Officers on a 1-to-1 basis. This enables you to ask specific questions relating to your organisation and funding need. Staff can advise and guide you on the processes of the Community Foundation for Surrey.  To book please visit here: