Volunteering is something everyone can do

Find out more about the different volunteer opportunities with a wide range of local organisations.  There are volunteer roles available in sport, health, social care, entertainment, environment and many more.

Whichever career you are interested in, volunteering gives you the chance to develop and demonstrate vital soft skills that employers and universities will be looking for: teamwork; problem solving; leadership; reliability and passion.

Opportunities range from one off activities or short term projects through to ongoing commitments, which would be suitable for DofE.

Featured Opportunities

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Please download both documents, the first document provides all the details of the volunteering opportunities and the second document shows the opportunities by subject/interest. The Page number in the second document refers to the page number in the Volunteer Opportunities document.

Volunteer Opportunities Volunteer Opportunities by Subject/Interest

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Take the first step into volunteering

Download the above documents and look through them to see if any of the volunteer roles are of interest.

If you can not find anything within the above documents that interests you, just contact us, we can look at other available options and will do what we can to find a suitable role for you.

If you do find a role that interests you please contact us and let us know which role(s) you are interested in, if the role is suitable, we will contact the organisation for you and arrange for them to contact you.